SessionBuddy is a chrome application that helps you to organize the tabs in the browser. At a time when all tabs are important and all readings are urgent (;), this application is useful to save the session.

Look at an example below:

  1. Session directory
SessionBuddy Image 1

It gives you a view of all the current sessions and the opened tabs. The view can be toggled to see the links.

2. Previous sessions listing



Mindly is a mobile app which is very useful to create mind maps. Mind maps are helpful to put all the unopened tabs of your brain on a single page. The visualization helps in the definition of thoughts. The Mindly app does that by being no-frills and focusing on the objective.

Here’s an example:

I created the mind map for Responder Mindset ( read more here) and this is how it looks like:

The sub-elements are shaped like planets revolving around the sun and each of these sub-elements can have further divisions. Quite cool. In this case, all the elements of a concept like a Responder Mindset are listed out.

Product Strategy: An app like this should be a plugin and compatible with note-taking applications than being a stand-alone app.



Journey is this brilliant app that got me into journalling in 2016. I have been journaling ever since (slightly interrupted with their ads to go premium).

A lot has been done by the product developers to make the user be consistent with journaling. The clean design, soothing blue-white theme and no-frills application make it a win-win.

Some features that I love:

  1. Format editor (desktop version)

Love how clean the editor is without comprising on the multiple functionalities — tagging, recording mood, adding image, adding text effects etc.

2. Timeline



Hemingway Editor is a brilliant text editor with a desktop app version.

It simplifies your writing style and has is free from distractions when you want to get work done without distractions.

(Pro Tip: Check out this video by Ryan Holiday as well)

Features that I love:

  1. Clean editor

The editor is clean with basic formatting that one might need. No extra features and no clutter.

2. Flair and readability



Otter( is this amazing voice recording app that does exactly one thing perfectly — recording voices. All the features of the app are aligned only for this. It’s rare to find an app with a single focussed objective which reflects in the features of the app.

Features that I love:

  1. Transcripts

Although not perfect for all types of accents, the transcript feature of the app is really good.

Also, love the summary words. This abstraction of keywords is essential for an immediate understanding of the voice note.



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