COVID 19 — Volunteer Call in India

Shivangi Saxena
2 min readMar 26, 2020


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With the #cornonavirus crisis, we have an unprecedented need for volunteers. Below is the list of organizations, Government bodies, individuals calling for volunteers (collated from multiple sources):

1. NITI Aayog- CALL To Doctors To Work As Volunteers For COVID-19 Outbreak…

2. MyGov call for volunteer across Health, Communication, Entrepreneurial and Essential Services

3. Caremongers is a group of volunteers doing hyperlocal delivery of needs.
Caremongers Facebook Group:

4. COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resources for Bengaluru and Karnataka…/1PZ0Un6eaLibIypKAIr2aa4zju6…/edit…

5. For Telemedicine and ventilators:
If you would like to join the bandwagon, please sign up here —

6. An initiative to enable and facilitate different stakeholder responses to COVID 19 outbreak in your city.

7. Below is the link to a WhatsApp group by Aaroogya for quick COVID19 management help by doctors of various fields and specializations from India, the UK, and Australia.

Aaroogya COVID19 Group is a group of A Global task force to enable, inform and engage common people across the world with the right COVID19 manageability
Facebook Group -

(Using my social media to collate important links, advisories, fundraisers in the time of Covid19. I have tried to collate the most used ones here, however, in case I have missed anything, please add in comments.)



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